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Unitrode Literature Number TI
IC Featured Application
U-93 SLUA075 UC3846/47 A New Integrated Circuit for Current Mode Control
U-94 SLUA124 UC3901 The UC1901 Simplifies the Problem of Isolated Feedback in Switching Regulators
U-95 SLUA062 UC3834 Versatile UC1834 Optimizes Linear Regulator Efficiency
U-97 SLUA101 PWMs Modeling, Analysis and Compensation of the Current Mode Converter
U-99 SLUA141 UC3717/UC3717A UC3717 and L-C Filter Reduce EMI and Chopping Losses in Step Motor
U-100A SLUA143 UC3842/3/4/5/UC3846 UC3842/3/4/5 Provides Low-Cost Current-Mode Control
U-102 SLUA102 UC3637 UC1637/2637/3637 Switched Mode Controller for DC Motor Drive
U-104 SLUA115 UC3906 Improved Charging Methods for Lead-Acid Batteries using the UC3906
U-106 SLUA237 UC3620 UC3620 Brushless DC Motors get a Controller IC that Replaces Complex Circuits
U-110 SLUA053 UC3825 1.5MHz Current Mode IC Controlled 50W Power Supply
U-111 SLUA110 PWMs Practical Considerations in Current Mode Power Supplies
U-112 SLUA073 UC3637 A High Precision PWM Transconductance Amplifier for Microstepping using Unitrode's UC3637
U-113 SLUA085 UC3633/4/5 Design Notes on Precision Phase Locked Speed Control for DC Motors
U-115 SLUA106 UC3625 New Integrated Circuit Produces Robust, Noise Immune System for Brushless DC Motors
U-118 SLUA054 UC3705/6/7/9 New Driver ICs Optimize High Speed Power MOSFET Switching Characterisitics
U-120 SLUA076 UC3625/UCC3626/
A Simplified Approach to DC Motor Modeling for Dynamic Stability Analysis
U-122 SLUA074 UC3861-3868 A New Family of Integrated Circuits Controls Resonant Mode Power Converters
U-127 SLUA154 UC3724/25 Unique Chip Pair Simplifies High Side Switch Drive
U-128 SLUA125 UC3823A,B/3825A,B The UC3823A,B & UC3825A,B Enhanced Generation of PWM Controllers
U-129 SLUA147 UC3907 UC3907 Load Share IC Simplifies Parallels Power Supply Design
U-130 SLUA083 UC3625 Dedicated ICs Simplify Brushless DC Servo Amplifier Design
U-131 SLUA055 UC3906/UC3823 Simple Switchmode Lead-Acid Battery Charger
U-132 SLUA108 UC3852 Power Factor Correction Using the UC3852 Controlled ON-Time Zero Current Switching Technique
U-133A SLUA149 UCC3800/UCC3813 UCC3800/1/2/3/4/5 BiCMOS Current Mode Control ICs
U-134 SLUA144 UC3854 UC3854 Controlled Power Factor Correction Circuit Design
U-135 SLUA126 UC3848 The UC3848 Average Current Mode Controller Squeezes Maximum Performance from Single Switch Converters
U-136 SLUA107 UC3875/6/7/8/UC3879/
Phase Shifted, Zero Voltage Transition Design Considerations and the UC3875 PWM Controller
U-137 SLUA105 UC3705/6/7/8/9 Practical Considerations in High Performance MOSFET, IGBT & MCT Gate Drive Circuits
U-138 SLUA159 UC3861-3864 Zero Voltage Switching Resonant Power Conversion
U-140 SLUA079 UC3848/49 Average Current Mode Control of Switching Power Supplies
U-141 SLUA056 UC3871/UC3872 Resonant Fluorescent Lamp Converter Provides Efficient and Compact Solution
U-143C SLUA057 UC3726/27 New Chip Pair Provides Isolated Drive for High Voltage IGBTs
U-144 SLUA150 UCC3806 UCC3806 BiCMOS Current Mode Control IC
U-148 SLUA088 UC3871/UC3872 Dimmable Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamp Ballast Design Using the UC3871
U-149A SLUA116 UCC3889 Simple Off-Line Bias Supply for Very Low Power Applications
U-150 SLUA077 UCC3570/UCC35701 Applying the UCC3570 Voltage-Mode PWM Controller to Both Off-Line and DC/DC Converter Designs
U-151 SLUA131 UCC3912 UCC3912 Integrated Electronic Circuit and Breaker IC for Hot-Swap Power Management Applications
U-152 SLUA072 UC3832/3 A High Performance Linear Regulator for Low Dropout Applications
U-153 SLUA146 UC3855A/B UC3855A/B High Performance Power Factor Preregulator
U-154 SLUA122 UC3879 The New UC3879 Phase-Shifted PWM Controller Simplifies the Design of Zero Voltage Transition Full-Bridge Converters
U-155 SLUA098 UC3909 Implementing Multi-State Charge Algorithm with the UC3909 Switchmode Lead-Acid Battery Charger Controller
U-156 SLUA120 UC3886 The UC3886 PWM Controller Uses Average Current Mode Control to Meet the Transient Regulation Performance of High End Processors
U-157 SLUA092 UC3910/UC3886 Fueling the Megaprocessor - A DC/DC Converter Design Review Featuring the UC3886 and UC3910
U-158 SLUA129 UC3910 The UC3910 Combines Programmability, Accuracy and Integrated Functions to Control and Monitor High End Processor Power Supplies
U-159 SLUA080 UC3853 Boost Power Factor Corrector Design with the UC3853
U-160 SLUA135 ------------ Simple Circuit Modifications Enhance Optocoupler Performance
U-161 SLUA078 UCC3305 Powering a 35W DC Metal Halide High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamp using the UCC3305 HID Lamp Controller
U-163 SLUA128 UC3902 The UC3902 Load Share Controller and Its Performance in Distributed Power Systems
U-164 SLUA114 UCC3884 The UCC3884 Frequency Foldback Pulse Width Modulator
U-165 SLUA086 UCC3809/UC3965 Design Review: Isolated 50 Watt Flyback Converter Using the UCC3809 Primary Side Controller and the UC3965 Precision Reference and Error Amplifier
U-166 SLUA058 UC3909 An Off-Line Lead-Acid Charger Based on the UC3909
U-167 SLUA140 UC3578 UC3578 Telecom Buck Converter Evaluation Board
U-168 SLUA097 UCC3809/UCC3956 Implementing a Practical Off-line Lithium-Ion Charger Using the UCC3809 Primary Side Controller and the UCC3956 Battery Charger Controller
U-169 SLUA060 UCC3750 A Complete Control Solution for a Four-Quadrant Flyback Converter Using the New UCC3750 Source Ringer Controller
DN-19 SLUA161 UC3901 A Simple Isolation Amplifier using the UC1901
DN-26 SLUA162 UC3842/42A UC3842A - Low Cost Start-up and Fault Protection Circuit
DN-27 SLUA163 UC3842/42A UC1842/UC1842A Summary of Functional Differences
DN-28 SLUA164 UC3841/51 UC3840/UC3841/UC3851 PWM Controllers - Summary of Functional Differences
DN-29 SLUA165 UC3842A UC3842A Family Frequency Foldback Technique Provides Protection
DN-30 SLUA166 UC3843A Programmable Electronic Circuit Breaker
DN-32 SLUA167 UC3833 Optocoupler Feedback Drive Techniques
DN-33 SLUA168 UC3901/UC3903 Optocoupler Feedback Drive Techniques Using the UC3901 and UC3903
DN-35 SLUA169 UC3708/24/25 IGBT Drive Using MOSFET Gate Drivers
DN-36 SLUA170 UC3525B/27B UC1525B/1527B Devices - Comparison Summary to UC1525A/1527A Devices
DN-38 SLUA171 UC494/5A&C Unique Converter for Low Power Bias Supplies
DN-39E SLUA172 UC3854 Optimizing Performance in UC3854 Power Factor Correction Applications
DN-40 SLUA173 UC3842/42A The Effects of Oscillator Discharge Current Variations on Maximum Duty Cycle and Frequency in UC3842 and UC3842A PWM ICs
DN-41 SLUA174 UC3854 Extend Current Transformer Range
DN-42A SLUA084 UCC3802 Design Considerations for Transitioning from UC3842 to the New UCC3802 Family
DN-43 SLUA042 UCC3803 Simple Techniques to Generate a Negative Voltage Bias Supply from a Positive Input Voltage
DN-44 SLUA177 UC3854A/B UC3854A and UC3854B Advanced Power Factor Correction Control ICs
DN-45 SLUA178 UC3846/56/UCC3806 UC3846, UC3856 and UCC3806 Push-Pull PWM Current Mode Control ICs
DN-46 SLUA179 UCC3805 Highly Efficient Low Power DC to DC Inverter Converts +5V Input to -3V Output
DN-48 SLUA158 UCC3803 Versatile Low Power SEPIC Converter Accepts Wide Input Voltage Range
DN-49 SLUA181 UC2577 UC2577 Controls SEPIC Converter for Automotive Applications
DN-50 SLUA182 UC3625 Simple Techniques for Isolating and Correcting Common Application Problems with UC3625 Brushless DC Motor Drives
DN-51 SLUA183 UCC3806 Programming the UCC3806 Features
DN-52 SLUA045 UC39432 Adjustable Electronic Load for Low Voltage DC Applications
DN-53A SLUA184 UC3637 Design Considerations for Synchronizing Multiple UC3637 PWMs
DN-54 SLUA185 UCC3803 Innovative Buck Regulator Uses High Side N-Channel Switch without Complex Gate Drive
DN-56A SLUA046 UCC3803 Single Switch Flyback Circuit Converts +5VDC to +/-12VDC for RS-232 and RS-422 Applications
DN-57 SLUA186 UC3726/27 Power Dissipation Considerations for the UC3726N/UC3727N IGBT Driver Pair
DN-58 SLUA187 UCC3912 UCC3912 Programmable Electronic Circuit Breaker - Performance Evaluation and Programming Information
DN-59A SLUA188 UCC3889 UCC3889 Bias Supply Controller Evaluation Kit - Schematic and Lists of Materials
DN-60 SLUA142 UC3726/27 UC3726/UC3727 IGBT Isolated Driver Pair Evaluation Kit Testing Procedure
DN-61 SLUA089 UC3832/3 A High Performance Linear Regulator for Low Dropout Applications
DN-62 SLUA119 PWMs Switching Power Supply Topology: Voltage Mode vs. Current Mode
DN-63 SLUA121 UC3875/6/7/8/UC3879/
The Current-Doubler Rectifier: An Alternative Technique for Push-Pull and Bridge Converters Rectification
DN-64 SLUA099 PWMs Inductorless Bias Supply Design for Synchronous Rectification and High Side Drive Applications
DN-65 SLUA081 BiCMOS Considerations in Powering BiCMOS ICs
DN-66 SLUA196 UC3854A/B/UC3855A/B Unitrode - UC3854A/B and UC3855A/B Provide Power Limiting with Sinusoidal Input Current for PFC Front Ends
DN-67 SLUA197 UCC3913 UCC3913 Electronic Circuit Breaker for Negative Voltage Applications Evaluation Kit List of Materials for a -48V/1A Test Circuit
DN-68 SLUA198 UCC3912 Parelling UCC3912 Electronic Circuit Breaker ICs
DN-70 SLUA199 UC3573 UC3573 Buck Regulator PWM Control IC
DN-71 SLUA236 -------------- Using Copper PCB Etch for Low Value Resistance
DN-72 SLUA100 -------------- Lamp Ignitor Circuit
DN-73 SLUA200 UCC3941 UCC3941 One Volt Boost Converter Demonstration Kit - Schematic and List of Materials
DN-75 SLUA090 UC3872 Using the UC3871 and UC3872 Resonant Fluorescent Lamp Drivers in Floating Lamp Applications
DN-76 SLUA202 UC3638 Closed Loop Temperature Regulation Using the UC3638 H-Bridge Motor Controller and a Thermoelectric Cooler
DN-77 SLUA047 UC3853 Overcurrent Shutdown with the UC3853
DN-78 SLUA204 UC3853 UC3853 Demo Board
DN-79 SLUA103 UCC3750 Demonstration Board Operating Guidelines
DN-81 SLUA091 UCC3911 UCC3911 Demonstration Board
DN-82 SLUA207 UCC3958 Demonstration Board Schematic and Bill of Materials
DN-83 SLUA029 UC3584 UC3584DW Secondary Side Post Regulator Evaluation Board, Schematic, and List of Materials
DN-84 SLUA153 UCC3956 Switch Mode Lithium-Ion Battery Charger Controller, Evaluation Board, Schematic, and List of Materials
DN-85 SLUA209 UCC3831/UCC38531 UCC3831 USB Power Controller IC, Evaluation Board, Schematic, and List of Materials
DN-86 SLUA210 UCC3954 UCC3954 Single Cell Lithium-Ion to +3.3V Converter Evaluation Board, Schematic, and List of Materials
DN-87 SLUA211 UCC3918 Low On-Resistance Hot Swap Power Manager, Evaluation Board, Schematic, and List of Materials
DN-89 SLUA213 UCC3802/UCC3809/
Comparing the UC3842, UCC3802, and UCC3809 Primary Side PWM Controllers
DN-90 SLUA214 UCC3858 UCC3858 "Energy Star" PFC Evaluation Board, Schematic, and List of Materials
DN-91 SLUA215 UCC3926 UCC3926DS 20A Integrated Current Sensor, Evaluation Board and List of Materials
DN-92 SLUA216 UCC5630 UCC5630 SCSI Multimode (LVD/SE) Evaluation Board and List of Materials
DN-93 SLUA217 UCC3957 UCC3957 Three - Four Cell Lithium-Ion Protector Circuit, Evaluation Board and List of Materials
DN-94 SLUA218 UCC5343 UCC5343 Evaluation Board, Schematic and List of Materials
DN-95 SLUA219 UCC3919 UCC3919 Hot Swap Power Manager Evaluation Circuit and List of Materials
DN-97 SLUA220 UCC39411 UCC39411 Low Power Synchronous Boost Converter, Evaluation Kit, Schematic and List of Materials
DN-98 SLUA221 UCC3917 UCC3917 Positive Floating Hot Swap Power Manager Evaluation Kit, Schematic and List of Materials
DN-102 SLUA160 UCC3972 UCC3972 BiCMOS Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp Driver Controller, Evaluation Board and List of Materials
DN-103 SLUA222 UCC3919 Controlling a –5V Rail Using the UCC3919,+3V to +8V Hot Swap Power Manager
DN-104 SLUA223 UCC3585 UCC3585,Low Voltage Synchronous Buck Controller,Evaluation Board,Schematic and List of Materials
DN-105 SLUA224 UCC3588 UCC3588 5-Bit Programmable OutputBiCMOSPower Supply Controller,Evaluation Board,Schematic and List of Materials